Holiday Baking

As we mentioned, the type of “holiday treats” proliferating our Pinterest feeds are not our cup of tea. We don’t want your chocolate dipped Oreos or marshmallows on a candy cane stick, and we’re going to venture that no one else does either. Sure, maybe they look festive on Pinterest, but they might not be as easy as they seem, as evidenced by Pinterest Fail, a website dedicated to misbegotten treat endeavors. More importantly, who wants to eat a raw marshmallow? If you can’t bake, or don’t want to bake, there is no shame in getting your craft fix with wreaths or something.

If baking is your forte, maybe you can help us decide what we’ll be baking this year. We have two rules: everything must be from scratch, and worth the extra barre classes. Extra points if brown butter is involved. Here’s what we’re contemplating:

1. Miette Chocolate Sables

2. Joy the Baker’s Pistachio Cookies

3. Honeycomb Candy

4. Peppermint Pattie Cookies

5. Buttered Popcorn Cookies. Sweet + salty is always a winning combination.

6. Black and White Cookies with a red velvet twist.

7. Marshmallows. These are worlds away from those of the store bought variety.

8. Rosemary Butter Cookies, for something different.

If Joy could just appear at our door with her book in hand, that would be ideal.

-The BC

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