Cab Etiquette

We hate public transportation. We hate public transportation a lot. But sometimes it’s not suitable to drive our cars around the city (drinking and driving is not chic), so we’re forced to find other modes of transportation.


Nowadays there are quite a few options for your taxi needs. For those of you who have iPhones, there are three apps that you need to have if you don’t already. Here’s our thoughts on them.

Lyft: Lyft annoys us. Even though it’s probably the cheapest option, the fact that it’s “ride-sharing” AKA you are supposed to talk to the driver is so not okay with us. They also want us to sit in the front seat. No thank you. Don’t even get us started on the pink mustaches–why?

Sidecar: Sidecar expects you to speak less, but they still pick you up in their own vehicles. Sidecar is around the same price as Lyft, without the added pressure of talking. Yay.

Uber: Uber is our go-to. You’ve got a couple different car options to choose from, one of which is a black car. These feel the safest to us (although a regular cab driver recently told us otherwise), and definitely the cleanest. You can also use UberX, where the driver is using his own car, but you’re still treated like a regular cab passenger. Uber is more expensive, but we’d say it’s worth it.

We’re also fond of hailing a plain old cab. There’s something sort of poetic about being out and about, putting your hand in the air and slipping in to a car. Plus regular cab drivers definitely “feel the room” and don’t speak unless spoken to. Not to mention they definitely drive the fastest.


As for etiquette when riding in a cab, inside voices are necessary. Respect the cab driver’s space so that he respects yours. And always tip well–especially if you’re a drunk mess. Which you shouldn’t be. When getting out of a cab in a dress, turn your body to face the outside with your legs hanging outside of the cab. Then stand up. Not rocket science people.

We will be forever grateful for cabs and those of us who ride in them properly.

Now take us to NYFW, tout de suite.

-The BC

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